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  • north east hip and knee surgery

    jonathan loughead mb bs msc mrcs (eng) mrcs (edin) frcs (tr & orth)
    consultant orthopaedic surgeon

    newcastle quayside at duskgateshead angelquayside at duskwhitley bay at sunrise

    mr.loughead is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon based in the north east of england.  he graduated from newcastle university in 1998, and subsequently undertook specialty training in the northern deanery.  he undertook further fellowship training in london, ontario, before taking up a consultant post at the queen elizabeth hospital in gateshead.

    j loughead picture

    his main areas of interest include:

    j loughead picture

    fellow of the royal college of surgeons of england

    masters degree (msc) in applied biomechanics (distinction)


    his main areas of research interest are in early adult hip pathology,


    selected publications:

    book chapters:

    "hip navigation"    evidenced based orthopaedics ed. m bhandari

    "surgical approaches"  postgraduate orthopoaedics:  the candidates guide to the frcs orth ed. p banazskiwiecz

    surgical journals:

    23 year outcome of the porous coated anatomic hip replacement. journal of bone and joint surgery am

    comparison of femoral offset in birmingham hip resurfacing and hybrid toal hip arthroplasty.  journal of bone and joint surgery br

    removal of acetabular bone in resurfacing arthroplasty of the hip. journal of bone and joint surgery br

    outcome following knee arthroplasty beyond 15 years.  the knee